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About the Team

As longtime residents of the Monterey Peninsula, veteran realtors Laura Lasnik and Jim Nault combine their love of the area, their passion for unique properties and their desire to see their clients achieve their real estate dreams as the foundation of their partnership. Having initially teamed up together in 2013, the two have relied on each other’s strengths and diverse experience to develop into a powerhouse pair serving Monterey County and surrounding areas.   

 A realtor since 1992, Laura’s multi-faceted background includes dealing successfully with everything from foreclosure properties and short sales during the recession of 2008 to selling luxury homes and investment properties. But most important to her are the relationships she has with her clients – that they trust her and her ability to provide everything they need. 

“I’m a people person  - I care about people and seeing them achieve their real estate goals and I will do whatever I can to make that happen,” notes Lasnik. “It matters to me that everything goes smoothly. Honesty is so important and I’m very forthright and available to them at any time.”

Having worked in real estate since 1982, Jim went into the field with a background in finance and selling home loans. He’s long invested in real estate and is the owner of Carmel’s La Coiffure, voted the best hair salon on the Monterey Peninsula multiple times. But according to Laura and his clients, Jim is best known for his patience and the nurturing style he has with clients wanting to buy and invest.

“Jim is really patient – he listens and has great endurance and skill at searching out properties and helping people,” Laura notes.

“I’m more laid back but that’s why Laura is good for me … it’s a good balance. Laura’s really detailed – she’s good at crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s,” says Jim.

Together, the two compliment each other, staying focused on finding the right properties for their clients in the current supply and demand market, staying up on market fluctuations and finding properties before they’re even listed on the market.

While many of their sales tend to be in Carmel Valley and Pebble Beach, for Team Lasnik & Nault, no client or property is too big or too small. 

“Selling a little piece of vacant land that was not very much money to a luxury client is just as important as selling this client a million dollar property,” says Laura.

While the two have certainly witnessed the Peninsula change over the years, what doesn’t change is their admiration for where they live, which comes through when they’re helping clients through the process of owning there own property or home. 

“It goes in a cycle and changes because of the market and world affairs and yet Carmel-by-the-Sea keeps its charming qualities,” notes Laura. “We have a large county – Carmel is so different form Seaside etc. and all the communities are really unique.”

“Culturally you have everything here – it’s just the quality of life. In a nutshell, it is protected and just a little slice of heaven on earth,” notes Jim.

Their underlying motivation is to help clients own their own piece of that heaven.

“It’s exciting,” says Jim. “I love homes and seeing people create a life style through their home. You can see that their life is changing.” 



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Jim Nault was raised in upper Michigan before he discovered the beautiful Monterey Peninsula where he loves to hike, backpack and enjoy the ocean scenery. He also loves Carmel’s vibrant arts culture.

While he’s traveled extensively, he says nowhere compares to Carmel-by-the-Sea.

“It keeps getting better to me – we’re like an island that’s just so beautiful. It’s undeniably to me the most beautiful place in the world.”

He has long managed his own personal investments and desires to see others profit from owning their own property.

“I’ve just always felt like real estate was the way to get ahead in life,” says Jim. 

Laura Lasnik


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Laura Lasnik got her strong work ethnic growing up on her family’s ranch in the San Joaquin Valley where they harvested grapes, peaches and plums. After becoming a mother and raising her daughters, she got her real estate license. At one point, she managed a retail shop in the Bay area prior to her career as a realtor. Locally, she has been named Ambassador of the Year for the Carmel Chamber.

Having bought and sold quite a few of her own properties, Laura realizes the importance of wearing many hats when it comes to her role as realtor – from deciphering county records and communicating with inspectors to keeping up with ongoing education. She cherishes the connections with people that she’s developed in her chosen field.

“The relationships with my clients become life-long friendships and seeing them achieve their goals means everything,” says Laura.